Youth Leadership Resources

My involvement in youth leadership has spanned more than twenty years. When I started in the field, leadership education was generally saved for high-potential students in college or graduate school (usually earning business degrees or MBAs).  Now we can find intentional youth leadership efforts occurring in a wide-range of settings. There is still ample room to do more to nurture the next generation of leaders. And kids are never too young! I advocate for youth leadership efforts that serve kids and teens from kindergarten to graduation (and beyond).


If you visited my website ( in the past, there were links to youth leadership organizations and websites, book lists, and articles. Because these change so frequently, it was hard to keep up, so I’ve chosen to include just some of that information as PDF documents or internet links.

Download all that interest you:




Click here for a free, three-part Webinar sponsored by Free Spirit Publishing:

Part I: What You Need to Know: Basics to Designing Student Leadership Programs

This session provides a brief introduction to leadership education in the K–12 setting. Ideas for establishing a school-wide definition of leadership and setting the tone for school-wide leadership efforts are covered.

Part II: Creating a K–12 Student Leadership Continuum

This session focuses on developing leadership priorities, clarifying program offerings, and addressing leadership education gaps while respecting limited instructional minutes.

Part III: Measuring Leadership Learning and Promoting an Ongoing Culture of Leadership

This session highlights the Everyday Leadership Skills and Attitudes (ELSA) Inventory for assessing individual leadership awareness, as well as introduces ways to integrate leadership into a school’s everyday language and rhythm.