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If you use any of the leadership materials I’ve written or you work with youth leaders, you may have previously visited Youthleadership.com. Much of the information from that site can be found here, except for the lists of youth leadership opportunities, professional development, and organizations/websites. While I know how much people appreciated having all that information in one spot, those pages were very difficult to keep updated. It’s amazing how often established organizations change websites, physical addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and staff!

My full-time professional role is focused on strengthening multi-generational workplace cultures, leadership and professional development, organizational design and talent management. If you’re interested in exploring ways to design leadership programs that engage employees in all roles and capacities, I can help.

And as always, if you have specific questions about youth leadership, working with youth, designing a leadership program, and inspiring the next generation of leaders, or developing leadership cultures with kids and teens, feel free to email or call me directly.


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