It has been months since I blogged…three posts in almost a year. Lame.

So receiving a humorous email from one of my ‘fans’ (my brother) asking why I have a blog but don’t write, made me search for a response. And after laying awake for two hours in the wee, wee hours of the morning pondering this, an answer came.

Life has been busy. It’s always busy, we all mutter. But normally, I’m able to sidle away from the busyness and get creative things done. To take time to think and write.

Not so this past summer.

We made a major geographical and lifestyle move. Since arriving in our new home, new community, new place to plant our roots, we’ve encountered numerous challenges with the actual physical house, including life-threatening ones. But we’ve come out of the fog and are beginning to see and live more clearly.

And during these last months, I’ve realized, I lost the writing voice in my head and heart that rumbles with ideas and philosophies and reflections and concerns.

And during the restless night a few days ago, I actually felt my mind start talking about ideas again. And perspectives. And observations that need writing down.

I awoke the following day and wrote an essay several pages long. Which is how I realized that the reason it’s hard for me to blog is because the format isn’t my style. I prefer writing essays.

Longer, thoughtful, literary. Wonderings. Sentences and words that have time to breathe. Edited and revised.

So that is what I’m going to do.

My essay topics will vary. I’ll write on leadership, education, the social politics of youth, parenting, writing. And other essay topics yet to be determined.

Maybe you’ll like some of them.



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