For the past six months, my family has been preparing to move our life from Colorado to Texas. In early June, it finally happened.

Throughout the time it has taken to prepare and then move, I’ve been completing revisions to the Building Everyday Leadership in all Teens facilitator guide. In 2015, Free Spirit Publishing will launch the updated guide, incorporating much of the content from the ELSA CD-Rom, while also adding on-line digital resources.

This is exciting – for leadership educators and teen leaders alike – because the guide will truly become a “one-stop” resource for teaching leadership, assessing leadership gains, and kicking off meaningful conversations for emerging youth leaders from kindergarten to graduation.

What took a back seat during this move, however, was revising one of my middle grade novels, Daring Ivy. But now in our new home in Texas, between getting kids settled into new schools and new friendships and exploring new opportunities that come with the move, my novel is pulled out, reminding me of how creativity and new adventures go hand in hand, whether in real life or our imaginations.

What’s exciting and intimidating about having the move behind us is the opportunity to hit restart. Despite feeling anonymous and rudderless, hitting restart is allowing us to dig deep to find what direction to go-as a family, as parents, as a couple, as individuals-once the rudder has been recalibrated and is once again providing guidance beneath the surface.

What would you do with a restart?




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